Scope of Conference



At the World Conference on Production and Operations Management, people in production and operations management professions from all over the world will gather for the purpose of exchanging knowledge in the field of manufacturing and operations management.



The first such conference was held in Seville, Spain in late August 2000. At the first conference, three academic societies took the leading roles, and agreed that this conference should henceforth be held once every four years.



The three societies are: the European Operations Management Association (EurOMA), the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) of the United States, and Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association



At the first conference, the number of presentations was narrowed down, and approximately 200 presentations were given. The second conference was held from the end of April to the beginning of May 2004, and was hosted by POMS in Cancun, Mexico. The conference was held in conjunction with POMS' own annual conference, and thus the number of presentations was increased to more than 500. By all accounts, it was a great success.



The third conference will be held from August 5th to the 8th in 2008 at Gakushuin University in Tokyo (Mejiro, Toshima Ward).



Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association will host the conference. Its theme will be Manufacturing Fundamentals: Necessity and Sufficiency. The main objective is to re-examine the basis of production management and to find out a promising direction to expand perspectives on and grow the field of production management.
Up until now, various manufacturing practices including those to realize JIT have been proposed, but the state seems to have fallen into confusion. Another aim of this conference is to overcome a superficial understanding of these practices, and to search out a way of constructing a new knowledge system based on fundamental principles.



Many manufacturing companies seem to be taking a step forward in production management with an attitude of going back to basics.



As the management of manufacturing processes slips away from corporate management's priority, various problems stemming from weakened manufacturing capability starts shaking the basis of corporation. The ability of managing manufacturing processes can easily deteriorate, but to recover it requires a massive amount of time and energy. Manufacturing management must be the basis of all management activities, and the ability in this area must be cultivated. Without it, no matter what advanced technology based strategy is employed, it will end in failure. This is partly because management becomes tied down and unable to function properly.
This means that the upcoming conference will have a large implication not only for manufacturing, but for management itself. It will be of great reference to diligent corporations that wish to obtain the required management knowledge to succeed in the future.



This conference will be held in the same year as the Olympic Games in Beijing. The Asian region is also now drawing attention from all over the world as the critical manufacturing base.



It can be said that holding the conference in Asia at this time next year is of great significance. Scholars and businesspersons from all over the world will gather here and be able to see for themselves what is happening at the actual site. They all will have a unique opportunity to debate with each other about manufacturing issues based on what they have just observed.

It would be our great honor to invite you to participate in POM Tokyo 2008.



JOMSA, the 3rd World Conference on Production and Operations Management,
Planning Committee


Mt. Fuji