Social events and Optional tours as opportunities to know more about Japan



During the conference, we will set up some events and tours for the conference participant to know more about Japanese society, cultures and people.


1. Events at the conference site

University students will show you some of Japanese traditional cultures such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement at the conference site when you need refreshment besides drinks. If you are lucky, you may directly experience them coached by the students. Practice makes your understanding perfect.


2. Optional Sightseeing Tour by JTB


Participants and accompanying persons can enjoy various tours featuring Tokyo and Japanese cultures as options in the daytime or after the session. One of the best organized tours is arranged by JTB.


Sunrise Tours by JTB


Sunrise Tours come with English-speaking guide service (with narration in other languages available on some tours) and visit major tourist destinations throughout Japan. Tours are readily assembled from over 100 tour components to form complete itineraries that meet specific tourist requirements.

Among popular day tours are Tokyo Half-Day and Full-Day Tours, Tokyo Night Tours, Excursions to Kamakura, Nikko, Fuji & Hakone, Quick Trip to Kyoto using the super-express Shinkansen, and Half-Day Tours in Kyoto and Nara.

Popular longer tours include Two-to Seven-Day Sunrise Holiday Tours, Four-Day Shirakawa Village, Takayama & Kanazawa Tours.

They enjoy an excellent reputation for their comprehensive arrangements and attentive guide service. The most Sunrise Tours can depart, even if only one person is booked.


To get details of the tours and book them online, please access to http://www.jtbgmt.com/sunrisetour/index.aspx?aff=CD


Also, a JTB travel desk will be available on site, next to the registration desk. It will provide any travel information and reservation services to the conference participants and their accompanying persons. For some tours with a maximum capacity, making online reservation ASAP is highly recommended.


If you have any questions on Sunrise Tours, please write an email to JTB at jomsa2008@jtb.jp.



3. Other Sightseeing Tours (Reservation by yourself)


1) Tokyo Tour Guide Service sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism If you are interested in these Tokyo tour options, please access to the following website:


(Access to Tokyo Tourism Info)


Click Tokyo tour guide service (if you choose English) or Servicios de guía turística (if you choose Spanish) to make reservation, or, access directly to:


(if you choose English)


(if you choose Spanish)


On these pages, you can choose the Internet or Fax by clicking the button at the bottom to reserve the tours.


2) Evening Diner Cruise Tours

Tokyo Tour in a Houseboat (Japanese traditional wooden boat):



Sumida River Houseboat Dinner Cruise:



Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise Tour